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Welcome to the home page of the FO2ODF project. A longer name of this project is FO2ODF Converter. The goal of this project is to provide XSLT stylesheets and related tools for converting documents from formatting objects (XSL FO) to ODF format. The resulting ODF document can be opened in OpenOffice Writer or other supporting text editor. The converter can be used as an alternative to XMLMind XSL-FO Converter (XFC).

The project is based on a diploma thesis called "Conversion of formatting objects to ODF" (available in Czech language as PDF or HTML). You can read English or Czech abstract of this thesis as well.

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2008-08-11: HTML version of the diploma thesis made available. Some other minor web site changes.

2008-07-07: The first downloadable release created (from the version 1.2.1).

2008-07-05: The first version of this home page made available. Project source code imported to version control on


Download the latest or older release, or browse the project's CVS repository.


Try it!

For now you can find a functional demo of the FO2ODF Converter (concretely its web interface written in PHP) here: Please don't try to convert large and/or complicated FO documents as the converter's stylesheets are not optimized yet and the hosting server won't execute the converter's PHP script in a meaningful time (or ends up with an error).

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